Is it just “Over-Analysis”?

This blog personally serves as my online journal. Of course, one would think that something more private would be better but if no one somehow passes by to read it, then by all means I shall keep on posting.

After all, the freedom of thought exists and so far, I’m neither the kind who purposely makes a post to spread some hating nor the kind who will really post so, so logical in-depth stuff. I don’t know really. Maybe. Just don’t act all “completely surprised” if you see posts contrary to what I’m saying. Life’s flexible, a lot of things you don’t know will or will not happen. Deal with it.

Hey, I’m just here to express what’s happening in my life. To keep track of where I’m going. To basically, be aware of who and where I am. It’s for my benefit really, nothing else. Pampalipas oras din. I don’t expect a lot to be interested, but if there are (luckily) then, hurrah! Anyway –




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